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The InfraSite® story begins more than three decades ago as our founders were developing expertise in building telecommunications macro towers, landline infrastructure and emerging technologies in the renewable energy and aerospace fields. InfraSite® started from a small, simple idea that had the potential to change the world. We put our out of the box thinking back in a box and secured the box underground! In 2015, with the explosive growth in data traffic on wireless networks and the approaching arrival of 5G and CBRS, the founders of InfraSite® realized that networks were having trouble keeping up with demand. In addition, siting and permitting had become exceedingly difficult, particularly in crowded cities and towns where most of the population lives. With more than 30 years of collective experience from its founders, engineers, legal and business development teams, InfraSite® began building, operating and maintaining state-of-the-art technology and sites for the location or co-location of telecommunications infrastructure and other technologies. We know that our innovation is directly tied to collaboration and the diversity of ideas and thoughts from people who have different experiences. Our model enables cost efficiency, highest quality standards and creates a thriving ecosystem for everyone.
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